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 Play ANY Song by Ear in LESS than 5 Minutes, 
NO Matter Your Skill Level! 
I still remember the first time. 

I was sitting in my living room, listening to the brand-new song that all my friends were talking about...

That killer guitar part was blasting through the speakers...I was loving every minute of it. 

I had the urge. 

I remember thinking to myself "I need to learn this song!" 

"How awesome would it be if I could show my friends that I could play this?!"

I was sick of being the guitar "player" who couldn't actually "play" for anybody!

I so badly wished I could learn songs at the drop of the hat, effortlessly moving from chord to chord without even having to think about what I was doing...that's how easy they all made it seem!
I grabbed my guitar from its case, hopped online, and searched "guitar tutorial for ________" 

I clicked the first video that looked like it wasn't made by some guitar newbie and started working through the parts....

...only to see the video is 30 minutes long. 

Inevitably, the ads interrupt the tutorial every 5 minutes, and after a 35-minute time investment I'm left with a handful of sloppy chords that sound like no ones ever played them before me, and a whole week's worth of anger. 

Frustrated. Confused. Stuck. Discouraged. Ready to throw in the towelLearning one song in 35 minutes!

"Is this really what guitar playing is all about?!"

That memory is etched into my brain, because I was in that place SO. MANY. TIMES

Fast forward....

I'm living in Los Angeles...

Playing in 3 bands, learning 20-25 songs per week.... 

...on my way to rehearsal I'm driving down the I-405 and get a last-minute text "Hey Mark, we're gonna add ___________ to the setlist for today, come to rehearsal ready to play it!" 

How do you think I felt at that moment? 

Stressed? Frustrated? Ready to turn around and drive home? 

Angry that we're adding a new song to the set with basically ZERO time to learn it? 

....NOT at all....

I find the song, listen to it ONCE on my drive and by the time I'm at the rehearsal space, I'm ready to go...

Absolutely Confident. Effortless. Instant. Stress-Free. Smooth. Fun. ALL BY EAR 

That is what guitar playing is all about! 

Isn't that awesome!? 

Now here's the deal...

I want you to know something about me. 

I'm no one special. I don't have any supernatural gifts or anything. 

There are STILL things that I struggle with as a guitar player.... (like shredding!)

But I share these two true stories to highlight one thing: the difference that learning to play the guitar by ear can make in your life!

Can you imagine if you could hear YOUR favourite song, grab your guitar, and be able to play it in 5 minutes?!

Can you imagine learning to play songs by ear, so that whether you're jamming with friends, writing songs or jumping up on stage…you instinctively and effortlessly know how to play the right chords every time!

It would be amazing, wouldn't it?  

So how do you get there? How do you make the jump from being the frustrated guitar player in the first story to the free and confident player in the second?  

I'm glad you asked :) 
"How to learn to play ANY song by ear in less than 5 minutes - NO MATTER YOUR SKILL LEVEL!"
*This image is for visualization purposes only as this product is a digital product. 
For the first time ever, I've taken each of the steps that I use to learn songs by ear in less than 5 minutes, broke them down and put them into a simple step-by-step guitar course that I call 
Song Hacker. 

What's Included inside Song Hacker:  
  •  A new guitar lesson every week for 6 weeks. ($ 597 Value) Rather than a traditional, information-overload guitar course, Song Hacker is a 6-week masterclass that's released one lesson per week so that you have time to dig into each of the video lessons and instantly apply the steps to your playing, no matter your skill!
  •  Week 1: Discovering How to Instantly Hack a Song's Key 
  •  Week 2: Discovering How to Hack ANY Song's Chord Progressions (without reading music!) 
  •  Week 3: Discovering the Chords the 95% of Songs Use!
  •  Week 4: The #1 Secret to Rhythm and Strumming Hacking
  •  Week 5: Becoming an Ultimate CAPO Hacker 
  •  Week 6: The Grand Finale: Hacking Songs in 5 Minutes!
  •  Weekly Song Hacker Lesson Guides and Cheatsheets ($47 Value) that work with each lesson so that you can easily follow along on paper and maximize every lesson
  •  Full life-time access and lesson download so that you can easily load up these lessons anytime you want! 
PLUS...These Insane Bonuses:
 The Song Hackers Guitar Chord Guide 
($37 Value)
I like to call this a roadmap more than a guide, because this is custom-made for the Song Hacker guitar course and maps out EVERYTHING you need to easily hack songs - laid out in a clear and concise format. 

Tuning Your Guitar By Ear 
[BONUS VIDEO] ($27 Value)
Keeping your guitar in tune is one of the most essentials tool you can have in your toolbox. When you have this tool, you'll learn the exact steps that I use to get my guitar in tune, and keep it that way - all by ear! 

Stringing Your Guitar Like A Song Hacker [BONUS VIDEO] ($27 Value)
Stringing the guitar RIGHT is one of the most common mysteries among guitar players. Everyone has their own method, and each method has it's own disadvantages! When you have this tool, you'll be able to get rid of all the mystery as I'll show you how to quickly and accurately string your guitar the RIGHT way so that you can get back to what matters most - playing! 

What You're Gonna Get: 
  •  Song Hacker: 6-Week Masterclass ($597 Value)
  •  Song Hacker Course Guides and Cheatsheets ($47 Value)
  •  Life-time Access/Lesson Downloads for all Devices 
  •  BONUS: Song Hacker Guitar Chord Guide ($37 Value)
  •  BONUS VIDEO: Tuning Your Guitar By Ear ($27 Value)
  •  BONUS VIDEO: Stringing Your Guitar Like A Song Hacker ($27 Value)
If you add it up, that's a total value of: $735
But I'm going to offer this to you today at a price that any guitar player can afford: 
30-Day Money Back Guarantee 
On top of the 7-day trial, all our courses are backed by our no hassle, no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee so that there is no risk to you at all. If you're not 110% satisfied with this course, we don't want your money! 
Yes, I Want to Play Any Song by Ear in Less than 5 Minutes!
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